1) I called Dust Collector to help clean a new place I moved into, and an unfortunately dirty condo I moved out of. Bozena did an excellent job cleaning both places. She's extremely reliable and trustworthy, efficient, professional, consistent, and carries a VERY reasonable rate for her work. I have her come clean my house in Chicago every other week now, and I couldn't have asked for better help - honestly it's a relief to have her come when she does. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who would like to have some help making their place cleaner and tidier!
Karen T, Chicago, IL

2) I'm very glad to see people who care about what they do.  It's really hard to find honest, reliable people today.  I'm glad I called Dust Collector, the do the job right!
Jp O, Elk Grove Village, IL

3) A friend of mine had Dust Collector come over to their house and clean it. They told me how spotless the place looked afterwards, so I called. Let me tell you, my house never looked so clean even after other cleaning companies came over. I am definitely sticking to Dust Collector
I'm glad to see people who care about what they do. It's hard to find honest, reliable people today. I'm glad I called Dust Collector, they do the job right!

4) Bozena was terrific and focused on her work. She cleaned the entire house and helped to put away scattered items (left out due to a hectic week). Had house guests the weekend prior to Bozena's arrival and she made it seem as if no one was ever there. All bathrooms were cleaned well and the kitchen had a renewed shine after lots of use over the weekend and the beginning of the week. Thank you to the members who left the previous reports as that is how I found Bozena. She was kind enough to bring a coupon and offer me a discount even though I did not ask for it. Impressive. I already scheduled her to return and help keep our home shining.

5) I love Bozena and her crew,they were fantastic. I fired my other company because I caught them stealing. Dust collectors is licensed and insured and that made a big difference in my choice to use them. My house was sparkling when they left. They were on time and very friendly. I own multiple apartment buildings in the city of chicago and I have bozena taking care of the hallway and common area . My buildings have never been so clean.

Thank You Dust Collectors.

6) Very good cleaning service.This is the first time I hire this company and I was very impressed with there work, fast, respectful, and on time.